Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Like Green Eggs Aren't Scary Enough to Begin With?!

It wasn't all that long ago that Pete came up with the idea.  It was back in January, and he just threw it out there: Seussian horror stories.  I don't know if  he expected anyone to take him seriously, but right away, something went "click" way in the back of my head, somewhere between those warm and squishy childhood memories and that place where "warm and squishy" means something else entirely.

I think I had my first draft finished in about two hours.  It just sort of fell out, pulsing and oozing on the floor.  You know, all warm and... yeah. Annnyway...

An early cover idea
Somewhere along the way, this shifted from "messing around with a fun idea" to "hey, this could be a for real book!" and Green Eggs and Horror was born.  I not only got the chance to include two stories but to do the cover art.  And I get to read for the podcast as well, but more on that when one of my episodes come up.  

I'm not throwing this up just to shill - I mean, I am going to shill, and remorselessly no less - but I've got to say, this has been a lot of fun.  Pete invited me in on most of the process, and this was my first experience on this side of the anthology.  My anthology experience is more along the lines of "nope, no reply today" variety.

And - as I am a man of my word - now for the shill: if you're so inclined, the book is up on Amazon now (Green Eggs and Horror on Kindle), and you can follow the link on the Green Eggs and Horror website for a copy printed on genuine imitation truffula paper.  And just to prove that it's not all about the money, every story in the book will feature on the free podcast.  Episode 1 is up now with a story called Passenger by Christopher Banyas.