Sunday, May 23, 2010

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming!

Last week, I wrote about the music that's been haunting me lately.  To be honest, I was hoping that writing would purge my demons.  No such luck.

Like last week, the common link with all these songs was a lack of any personal meaning.  These are not songs I loved or hated.  I didn't think they were even songs I noticed.  I can't say that I've had any song stuck in my head for very long this week, but I've had a constant stream of where-did-that-come-from music lately, a tangent inspired jukebox with the strangest playlist you've ever come across. 

For instance, last night, for no particular reason the Beastie Boys crept into my brain.  No, not Fight For Your Right.  I got this little gem:

Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn

So, again for no reason, I start putting together a play list of pale rap acts, which get cheesier with each song.  Yep, Vanilla Ice visited, but I focused on Queen's baseline, so that wasn't so bad.  Then I somehow came up with this:

3rd Bass - Pop Goes The Weasel

Now, I didn't know that I knew 3rd Bass at all, but since YouTube needs more than "um... that pop goes song with the guys... it's kinda old, oh you know what I mean," I must have paid attention at some point.  Still, pulling that Trivia McNugget from my nether regions may require medical attention, or at least some sort of ointment.

It looks like my head is enjoying the exercise, with each lost hit inspiring three more.  As last night's playlist got cheesier, my head shifted gears:

NKOTB - Hangin Tough

This one at least makes some sense to me.  I know why I know this song, and I know who to blame. (You know who you are.  Don't worry. I won't out you here, but this one is all your fault.)

That was one night.  I've had a week of this, and I'm discounting every song that floated through due to a direct reminder.  These are just the out of the blue songs.  I've relived the Tom Tom Club, England Dan & John Ford Coley (yoink!), and a Ricky Nelson song that I heard on Ozzie and Harriet!  That's right, Sherman.  Set the Wayback Machine for old!

Somehow, I've tripped a switch and my subconscious decided to use every song I ever heard for a workout, digging up all the forgotten gold - and some fool's gold as well. 

I'll keep you posted on future developments.  Right now, I'm coping with an ELO attack:

 ELO - Strange Magic

What?  You were expecting Can't Get It Out of My Head maybe?