Monday, May 24, 2010

Any Given Sunny Day

We’ve had a few unseasonably warm days lately.  Hey, who am I kidding?  Around here, all warm days are unseasonable.  So naturally. . .

“Hey, Mammy?  Daddy?  You know what I think would be really cool?”

We brace ourselves. 

“No, what?”

“I think we should go to the lake.” 

Phew.  That could have been a lot worse.  Not a bad idea actually.

“Okay.  Let’s go!”

“Hey, Mammy Daddy?” 

Uh, oh, might have spoken too soon.  He fused our names.  He’s revving up. 

“Can I bring my Frisbee and my new hat?”

Wow, dodged another bullet!  So before we get hit with another “Mammy-Daddy,” we slather on the SPF 5 x 1010,000 (he is a redhead, after all) and hop in the car. 

Now, at this point, I should mention that here in the midlands we are blessed with an abundance of lakes, each dotted with several commuter-friendly spots.  We’re in the car and on our way. . .

“Hey, MammyDaddy?  Are we not going to the first lake?” 

We just share a glance in the front seats.  We don’t need to say a word.  Rookie mistake.

“Why don’t we try a new lake today?”

“Have I never been at this new lake before?”

“That’s right.  I haven’t been there in a while myself.  We can park on a hill and the lake’s at the bottom.”  My wife shoots me a look, and for a moment, I wonder why.

“Is it this hill?”


“No, we’ve got to drive for a bit first.  It’s not too far, though.”

“Mammy, Daddy says it’s on a hill close to here.  I think it’s that next one.”

Who’d have thought we’d actually be wishing for a simple “Are we there yet?”  Instead we get, “Mammy, Daddy, I’m going to need you to please alter the shape of the world so that we’re there right now, ‘kay?”

“Sorry, pal.  I’ve got to drive this way for a bit, then I’ll be turning to the right.”

“Hey, Daddy!  There’s a road to the right!  Mammy, I think that’s the lake road!”

It’s only about twenty minutes to the lake.  According to the clock, anyway.

Had a great time at the lake, but to be honest, compared to the drive over, it was a bit tame.  A little splashing, a quick play in the sand, some three-way Frisbee (the kid’s got an arm!) and it was time to go.

“Hey Mammy-Daddy?  Can we bring a ball next time?”

“Maybe we should pick up a lighter ball for trips like this.  That football is awfully heavy and hard.  Next time we’re shopping in town, we’ll have a look.”


“Mammy-Daddy?  I’m not ready to go home right now.  Can we go into town first and we can stop for something to drink?” 

And so it goes.